However, Mark’s excitement is dampened when Alan begins to show signs of becoming mentally ill due to his fall from power at JLB. Mark discovers that Jez’s estranged wife Nancy is working at the same gym. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mark does so — and Sarah goes home. What are we going to do with him, Mark? The next morning, Mark meets Cally and begins to think that she is “the one”.

Sitting in silence, watching Taggart. Mark shoots a bird down, and is told by Ian to wring its neck to kill it. When Jez suggests that she have sex with Johnson for money , she rejects that idea and walks away whilst upset. The father offers Mark a managerial job in Bangalore , India, which Mark considers as a way to avoid his impending marriage to Sophie. Well, I did actually say stop. Retrieved 16 May Stop showing off to Mark, Jeremy.

Jez and Hans publish their first track on a football video on YouTube, but they disagree of the authorship of the lyrics.

What are we going to do with him, Mark? Right, who is it? At Nancy’s suggestion, shos, Mark, Sophie and Jez visit Gwyn’s countryside house in Tollesburyrather than their previous plan of visiting a stone circle. Dobby tells Mark that Gerrard left her money in his will. Mark invites Sophie to his school reunion. Mark and Jez then tell the family that it was Ian who burned the barn down. Mark tells Sophie, who becomes upset about Jeff cheating on her.

First appearance of Sarah. Actually, Pdep think you’ll find it is. He attempts to pretend to make friends with Jeff. We’ll talk when we get back. But Mum’s coming over this afternoon, which will be incredibly boring. However, Mark’s excitement is dampened when Alan begins to show signs of becoming mentally ill due to his fall from power pesp JLB.


He becomes paranoid that she is gynny sex with homeless man Nim, whom she invites to move in with her temporarily. He is angry with them for not making progress. Jez tries to discourage him, but Mark decides to continue.

He asks her to move in with him, and she accepts. The only way to get the pizza inside is to slide each slice through the same brush-covered front slot, which of course is now laced with Jez’s pee. Mark tunnels under the fence and apologises to her.

Mark gives a speech. They find a key to the flat and let themselves in. When Jez arrives at the party, he discovers Johnson has found out about the credit card and Mark agrees to shwo him back. Soon afterwards, Ray dies.

Peep Show – S06 – E02 – The Test – video dailymotion

Jez turns 40 and Mark is throwing a party for him. Paula tells Jez that she has chlamydia and that he may also have it and have infected other women he has had sex with. He tries to get information about the position from him whilst playing five-a-side football in Hackney — but makes a fool of himself elisode to his lack of knowledge and ability shos the sport. She was never going to make a seminal album.

Of course I agree, obviously I agree. This isn’t bin or sell, this is a keeper! Retrieved 17 May Sophie’s father Ian and her cousin Barney visit briefly, but Jez keeps the chain on the door and does not let them in. That’s what I did at me old man’s. Mark helps Sophie into the same car. Jez takes a job as a cleaner at the gym in order to try to get back with her. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She’s guilty as fuck.


Mum, Mark wants to fuck you! Season 5 Episode 4. Retrieved 12 Showw Jez is horrified by Sarah’s return, so he walks out of the flat and asks Mark to tell her that their fling is over. Back at the office, Mark goads Jeff into hitting him, thinking it will be recorded on CCTV and causing action to be taken against Jeff.

Angus comes into shoa room where the party is, telling everyone what happened. Mark is horrified at that, because Matt will likely tell Sophie how Mark feels about her.

Peep Show – S06 – E02 – The Test

Sitting in silence, watching Taggart. Did you see a lot of action? Mark tries to get Jez a job at his workplace, JLB Credit — but Jez is determined not to become employed, so he deliberately gives a bad impression of himself at his interview and tries to involve the interviewer in pyramid selling.

Think I need a wee now. We can finish the interview in there? Archived from the original on 21 November Mark grants Jez a loan at his bank.

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