That trouble can also come from the insurgents who considers Manipuri cinema to be a nationalistic product and a cultural ambassador. They were visiting Jamia Milia Islamia for a four months’ workshop sponsored by the Fulbright Foundation in March of On the technical side, there is hardly anything noteworthy to write home. Manipur also needs trained and professional cine artists. Part 2 Pambei – Scenes from the Feature Film:: The talent, the enthusiasm and the rich artistic resources found in Manipur can be well exploited to produce excellent films by augmenting the technical requirements and financial resources. Manipuri films have started gaining its momentum with a force since imposition of blanket ban on the screening of Hindi films in entertainment houses in the state.

He, however, had to make a video format of the film for screening in Manipur halls. Khelen Thokchom [2] writes that there were no local language films after that, till Tondon Devi lent her singular charm to the success of Olangthagee Wangmadasoo. Making of ” Nate Famda Tero “:: And once, the music video is done, you go to the film forum and they screen [the video] again. Equipped with a sound theatrical, literary and artistic background, and a deep insight of human nature, but with little technical knowhow, our filmmakers strode ahead of the rest of the Country to earn the coveted Grand Prix at Nantes France for the first time in India. Chang-shi-chang introduces some freshness in terms of genre, and also shows that we could make good film without being opulent.

Scenes from ” Yairipok Thambalnu Amaga “:: The late actor-director, S.

Hundred of years ago, a girl Leima lost her lover Angou Laishram in a fight against some smugglers When Roy went to Manipur after a long absence, he found that “all the cinema halls were shut down and had been turned into shopping malls. The film began shooting in December 3 and was wrapped up in January His success story mirrors the trajectory of the evolution of the Manipuri Cinema. Digital format is the most fertile creature that can reproduce its own clones at a neck breaking speed.

Acclaimed documentary filmmakers Bachaspatimayum Sunzu and Bona Mesihnam manipudi working hard mi,ithi inexpensive, democratic products. The question of whether the Kingdom of Manipur should join the Indian Union generated a lot of public debate with even the institution of monarchy perched precariously in the line of fire. Thanks should be accorded to the bold producer Karam Monomohan who never looked back in pioneering the filmmaking without visualising any loss or gain onto the film.


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However, the people of the region should feel proud of the quality of Manipuri films of low budget evident from bagging several international and national awards. Scenes from ” Khujin Gee Mami “. This move has given fresh impetus to the film producers, artists and film lovers in the state. Manipur’s documentary films, too, are low budget. Graduate in Sociology Hobbies: Part 2 ‘Leiyisigee Wangmada’ – Scenes:: Chand produced Brojehdragee Luhongba, which is based on a story by Lamabam Kamal, to become the first director of a feature film from Manipur.

Based on a story by Arambam Samarendra. On a mission to develop Manipuri film industry He is today popularly acclaimed by the audience for his outstanding movies like ” Angangba Kurao Mapal “, ” Inga Nonglakta “, ” Khuji ” and many more Lourembam Pishak Devi did stunningly well in Mayophygee Macha. But the masterpiece of AS Sharma and one of the most original films of Indian cinema is indisputably Ishanou Of the tally of thirty Manipuri feature films, counting from Matamgi Manipur to Khamba Thoibi, ten films had been written by women writers.

All the same, if any author whose works have been archived on Indpaedia. And as far as crew is concerned he would like to work with his own Production House Crew “Mayum Network”.

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Film Forum is doing a commendable job in nailing the piracy business,’ wrote Joshy Joseph kanglaonline ‘Manipuri filmmakers have to be very careful about the wandering Manipuri Ponies in Imphal streets while shooting, to escape the traumas or Kafka doses from the central manipui board. Chand Heisnam and Bishwamittra. The public who were already thrilled with the prospects of seeing their favourite play on the celluloid requested Biman Chatterjee playing a Manipuri character in the fulm to demonstrate his acting skills at the Rupmahal Theatre, which he obliged.


Part 3 Enakta Leiringei – Behind the Scenes:: Inthe year of its statehood, Manipur got its first film screened at Imphal’s cinema houses. But the filmmakers in Manipur had to work aganist heavy odds. Not less than a hundred and fifty video films has already been produced. Only then can it be submitted formally to the Central Board of Film Censorship at Guwahati folm censorship certificate.

Tear of humiliation turned into tears of joy instantaneously.

This trend continued till some educated women came forward to join in films. Finally, he, for the first time directed a movie titled ” Angangba Kurao Mapal ” in the year Part 2 Scenes from maniphri Mapi Lairik “:: Worst, facing even humiliation at their hands is considered sacred obligation.

Part 2 Making of ” Imagi Ibungo “:: Open to public [in ], it is becoming one of the most frequented spots for the young love birds. But before they went back to the hotel to retire for the night, they decided to take a walk to the venue of the national film festival being held in the city just for the heck of it and in part to manipkri away their bitter experience at the theatre Gorky Sadan.

I had also the good fortune to belong to this genre. She starred in the film Mayophygee Macha.

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Later on, they switched over to making the first venture in Hindi as they were pessimistic about a viable mi,ithi for Manipuri films. Produced by Wangkhem Basanta for Poonam Films.

Part 2 Making of ” Mapi Lairik “:: The audience thundered with laughter. But the journey was not an easy task, said Romi Meitei and at present he is on the mission to develop the Manipuri film industry and make its little space in world arena

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