Viren is shocked and tells Jassi that they will be in a big mess if she is really pregnant. Channi makes it clear that she wants her life-partner to be of caring and loving nature. She looks for Jassi and is shocked to see her coming from terrace. Aadhe Adhure is a tragic ,. But I hate sanky whenever u both were together for that stupid chemistry project. Programmes broadcast by Zindagi TV. Main Abdul Qadir Hoon.

I too shall live. No price is high enough, the show seemed to suggest, when it came to preserving the fragile foundations of marriage and monogamy. Retrieved September 2, But I and ragini was more than a friend. Nimmi tells her that everyone in her family is upset because of his behaviour. I mixed alcohol in her drink, in farewell party. Missed your story a lot.. Beeji tries to make peace between Jassi and Viren and advices them to start preparing for the wedding day.

Everyone left their hand. Wpisode, Pappu falls head over heels in love with Channi and tries his best to woo her. U eloped with him because ur father beat u. Jassi then sarcastically tells Nimmi that she will soon learn the norms of their family. I was full of jealousy. I know many of u is angry on me.


Aadhe Adhoore – Episode 8 – video dailymotion

Febi 18th Oct – 1: Jassi calls it a rumor, but the neighbor is confident that her information is true.

Soujanya 18th Oct – She develops a fondness for Varinder and secretly gets into a relationship with him. This innocent face can only fool sanky not me.

She is best for sanky. I left from there. However, he is irked when behaves coldly with him.

Now who will marry this impure girl. Khwaabon Ki Zamin Par. And also he fixed our marriage. Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat. I was better than u. U slept with him.

Aadhey adhure serial number

Viren feels miserable when he does not find Jassi in the kitchen during the breakfast in the morning. He whispered in my ear.

Reading the last linei m so much relieved. The number of times things are left half said makes the plot episoddeyou keep looking for the dirt that has. Retrieved from ” https: Missed your story a lot. However, Viren makes it clear that he does not wish to get married.


Jassi finds it hard to control her happiness. Jassi feels bad when Nimmi asks Viren to drop her to her place on his bike.

Page 1 of 1. Jassi and Viren are shocked when Naren asks epiode what he was trying to say him the previous night. Eagerly waiting for the nxt part. In one scene, Jassi went to his room demanding an explanation for his unpredictable behaviour.

Aadhe Adhoore

Every time I look towards u I fall for u. They were started living together, lucky gave him financial help. However, Naren makes up a story.

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